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  1. findingmyway

    Christianity Public Library Find Is Only Surviving Copy Of Rebel Hymn Book

    A tiny 165-year-old pamphlet, stored in a box at a Yorkshire public library, has been identified by a University of Manchester academic as the only surviving copy of a Chartist hymn book. Dr Mike Sanders, who came across the 'National Chartist Hymn Book' in Todmorden public library, has...
  2. P

    Hinduism Khushwant Singh's Translation Of Bapu's Favorite Hymn

    Noted India author and columnist Khushwant Singh had, in a column written for The Hindustan Times, published his English rendering of Bapu Gandhi's favourite hymn Vaishnov Jan to taynay kahyeeye and invited suggestions from readers on how to improve it. Mr. Singh felt that we should have a...
  3. Tejwant Singh

    English Translation Of A Hymn By Various Writers

    Virinder ji, Guru Fateh. Thanks for sharing these translations. This shows that there is no collective thought process in Acadamia as far as Sikhi is concerned, unlike in other religions. So each of the scholars went their own individual way based on their educational backgrounds and...
  4. N

    Guru Arjan Dev Ji's Ramkali Hymn

    by Dr. Pashaura Singh One of the main issues that has drawn scholarly attention in Kartarpur-Banno debate is related to a hymn by Guru Arjan in Ramakali mode. A single couplet stands recorded in the version of the Adi Granth after chhant 4, before Guru composition on the six seasons (ruti)...