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  1. V

    Guru Nanak Talks To Siddhas Of Himalayas - 2

    The Yogis ask Guru Nanak: कवन तुमे किआ नाउ तुमारा कउनु मारगु कउनु सुआओ ॥ साचु कहउ अरदासि हमारी हउ संत जना बलि जाओ ॥ कह बैसहु कह रहीऐ बाले कह आवहु कह जाहो ॥ नानकु बोलै सुणि बैरागी किआ तुमारा राहो ॥२॥ सुआओ - उद्देश्य; मनोरथ (Objective, Aim); कह बैसहु - कहाँ रहते हो (Where do you live) |...
  2. K

    Nature 350 New Species Found In Himalayas

    Tiny deer among 350 new species found in Himalayas By BINAJ GURUBACHARYA (AP) – Aug 10, 2009 KATMANDU, Nepal — The world's smallest deer, a flying frog and catfish that stick to rocks — as well as more than 350 other species — have been discovered over the past decade in the Himalayas, making...
  3. spnadmin

    Nature The Himalayas: Two Continents Collide

    The Himalayas: Two continents collide Among the most dramatic and visible creations of plate-tectonic forces are the lofty Himalayas, which stretch 2,900 km along the border between India and Tibet. This immense mountain range began to form between 40 and 50 million years ago, when two large...
  4. N

    Balcony Of The Himalayas (The Tribune)

    I T S a fabled valley deep inside Bhutan with the prettiest women anywhere. Or so, at least, goes one story about the origin of Bumthang s name. For, bum in the local language means girl...