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  1. aristotle

    Sikh Pioneer: Dr. Harminder Singh Dua

    Scientific journals and lay newspapers alike, ran stories hinting at a new breakthrough in the field of Ophthalmology last year, after a paper published in a famous scientific journal Ophthalmology authored by Dr.Harminder Singh Dua, an Indian-British medical doctor and researcher, claimed the...
  2. spnadmin

    Understanding Jap Ji (Karminder Singh Dhillon)

    Understanding Japji By Karminder Singh Dhillon PhD (Boston) This article is the first of a series that attempt to explain the essence of Japji. This introductory article provides an overview of the Banee which is a composition of Guru Nanak. The Japji is the first Banee of the Sikh’s daily...
  3. K

    Harminder Gives India 2Nd Athletics Medal

    Harminder Singh on Saturday became the first Indian to win a medal in a walk race in the history of the Commonwealth Games [ Images ], a day after Kavita Raut won the first-ever women's track medal, but their compatriots disappointed in other athletics events. The 26-yer-old walker from...
  4. Sherab

    Sikh News Head Granthi Of Sri Harminder Sahib

    Prerna 2007, Sri Harmandir Sahib Head Granthi Gurbachan Singh being honored by pro-RSS members!!!! THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!