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    Islam The Islam That Hardliners Hate: Sufism Under Attack In Pakistan

    The Islam That Hard-Liners Hate By HUMA IMTIAZ AND CHARLOTTE BUCHEN KASUR, Pakistan — In Pakistan’s heartland, holy men with bells tied to their feet close their eyes and sway to the music. Nearby, rose petals are tossed on tombstones. Free food is distributed to devotees. This peaceful...
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    Sikh News NCM Slams Hard-liners As Badal Drops Bluestar Memorial Plans (Navhind Times)

    UNI New Delhi June 7: The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) chief, Mr Tarlochan Singh has slammed what he called a rat race among Sikh leaders to capitalise on Operation Bluestar as hard-liners hijacked Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)’s plans to dedicate a memorial to the 1984 army action on...