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    Dekh Hamara Haal

    me and one of my friend use to visit gurudawara sahib daily. i use to go with him in morning only n he use to go in evening also till sukhaasan. For few instances he complained (in lighter vein) me that dr. saab i'll not eat dinner tonight coz. i had enough karahh parashad today. when i asked...
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    Does Everyone Understand The Prayers At The Gurdwara

    Ok many people go to the gurudawara and i am sure most do understand what they prayers that are being said mean. Those people who really dont understand what the prayers mean what should they do about it? Not go any more? Shuold Gurudawars start teaching more about what jaap ji saib means or...
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    Gurudawara Elections And Political Parties

    For Delhi Gurudawara Parbandhak Committee elections, the candidates should take the help of other political parties like Akaali Dal, Congress and BJP. Is it right for the Sikh Panth, in the coming days. In my opinion, it is not a healthy sign for the Sikh Path, what is your view..... Dass k s...