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guru nanak travels

  1. Admin

    Footprints of Guru Nanak in Sri Lanka 2016-05-27

    Writer of this article has been doing research on Guru Nanak’s travels for last 40 years. After collecting all available information he recently (April 2016) visited Sri Lanka to research the footsteps of Guru Nanak in various locations in Sri Lanka. He studied all available material before...
  2. D

    How Did Guru Nanak Manage The Travel?

    SSA. I have question to ask. I asked many no one can give me answer. As we know people who preach Sikhism they come from India to preach about life of Gurus. That goes from one gurdwara to gurdwara. They get money for preaching to us the sangat. How did Guru Nanak manage the travel? Did he...