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    Arts/Society Vote For Gurmit Kaur A Prodigy Tabla Player

    Vote for Gurmit Kaur a prodigy tabla player. We need to help her win the award and be recognised for her talent. VOTE FOR HER Gurmeet Kaur is a talented Tabla player, composer and producer from Punjab. She is the first Sikh female tabla player. She also has intense experience in playing...
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    SPN'er In Focus - Gurmit Singh Of Australia

    - Meet Our SPN'er in Focus - - (Fortnight Dec 16, 2009 to Dec 31, 2009) - Gurmit Singh Username : Gurmit Singh 1. What is your name in the real world beyond the Sikh Philosophy Network? "Gurmit Singh" is my real name in the false world. 2. Please tell us about your first...