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  1. spnadmin

    Guns Of The Nihangs (Exhibition & Slide Show)

    Guns of the Nihangs Blog of Amardeep Singh at http://amardeepphotography.com/guns-of-nihangs/ Nihangs, the last guardians of the Sikh martial spirit, roam freely across the Punjab (western state of India). Their nomadic lifestyle is dedicated to praying the almighty and practicing the...
  2. spnadmin

    History Flashback: From Guns To Roses

    Lahore is not just about shady trees, murky canals and traditional food. It is also rich in cultural heritage with historical landmarks of the Mughal, Sikh and colonial eras dotted across its landscape. One such magnificent landmark is Haveli Barood Khana, which is commonly known as Mian...
  3. Archived_Member16

    USA Texas Colleges May Have To Accept Kids With Guns

    May 9, 2011 Soul_jyot: And Sikhs are fighting for kirpans in schools ! ......... Texas colleges may have to accept kids with guns Albuquerque Express Monday 9th May, 2011 Republicans in the Texas Senate have approved a measure that may allow concealed handgun license holders to carry...
  4. spnadmin

    Controversial Main Obstacle In Calendar Dispute: All Guns Aimed At Purewal (Punjabi)

    Forwarded by respected forum mentor Gyani Jarnail Singh "Arshi" Purewal called a traitor and RSS agent.
  5. Admin

    Sikh News Sikh Bodies Train Guns On Akal Takht Jathedar (The Tribune)

    Sikh bodies train guns on Akal Takht Jathedar (The Tribune) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11pm1krvi/*http%3A//www.tribuneindia.com/2006/20060204/punjab1.htm Array Fri, 03 Feb 2006 20:19:27 GMT Amritsar, February 3 While the radical Sikh organisation, the Khalra Mission...