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  1. Admin

    Inspirational Get Back In Touch With Someone Today, You'll Be Glad You Did

    This video is dedicated to my friend, who suddenly had a recall from the Almighty last month. I had not spoken to him in last one year and the week i decided to call him, i got this shocking news... Get Back In Touch with Someone Today, You'll be Glad You Did... <object width="480"...
  2. spnadmin

    Fauja Singh, Oldest Marathon Runner

    Glad to be Grey The four members of Sikhs in the City photographed in Glasgow before competing in last month's Edinburgh marathon. Photograph: Murdo Macleod Fauja...
  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Glad To Be Back On SPN

    Guru Piayario Jio.. waheguru ji ka khlasa waheguru ji ki fateh. Glad to be back on SPN after a refreshing holiday cum study tour of Gurdwaras in Punjab/India...and of course the Annual attendance at the IOSS Chandigarh...meeting with luminaries and academicians of the Panth, among them HS Virk...
  4. Seeker2

    I Am Glad

    Waheguru Some say they've seen better days, but not us. They don't have what we have, love, peace, health, and happiness. For every day when I wake up I thank God I have you in my life. And every night when I go to sleep, I reflect upon my day. And I'm glad you were a part of it...
  5. Admin

    Glad To See This Section !

    SSA Ji, Thanks a lot for opening this section... it gives much wanted breathing space for members like me some to talk about somthing not so spiritual. I am glad to see a section which encourages off topic discussions too... Best of Luck !!! Chardi Kalaa Also my 100th post... :)