1. spnadmin

    Saas Giraas Simran: What Is The Historical Evidence?

    I have heard of Saas Giraas simran. What is the historical evidence or origins of this? Some people use "Saas Giraas simran" and "Swaas Swaas simran" interchangeably. Commonly people say "Saas Giraas", but "Saas" = breath, "Giraas" = morsel of food... i.e. to remember God with every breath...
  2. S

    Saas Giraas

    Respected Saadh Sangat Ji, There has been some confusion on this term SAAS GIRAAS under another thread, just to clarify: Saas- breath Giraas- Morsel of food so 'saas giraas' refers to WITH EVERY BREATH AND EVERY MORSEL OF FOOD. GURU JI SAYS: AMg 20 ang 20 Page 20 isrIrwgu mhlw 1 ]...