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    Events The Ghadar Revolution

    In 1913, they were the first to declare that their aim was Independence of India, long before the Indian National Congress passed a resolution for India’s independence in 1926. None of the members of the Ghadar Party had any vested interests, whereas the leaders of the mutiny of 1857 had their...
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    Canada Revisiting The Air India Tragedy From A Ghadar Perspective

    Revisiting the Air India tragedy from a Ghadar perspective by Gurpreet Singh on Jun 23, 2013 at 2:24 pm On the centenary of the Ghadar Party—which formed in North American to fight colonialism in British-controlled India—it's time to revisit the Air India to analyze political factors that...
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    Heritage Sikh Revolutionaries: The Ghadar Party's Oregon Roots

    Indian revolutionaries have roots in Astoria: Sikhs formed the Ghadar Party 100 years ago. By CHELSEA GORROW It was 1913 when a group on Punjabi Sikh Indians in...
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    Opinion Mangu Ram Muggowal - Remembering An Unsung Dalit Hero Of The Ghadar Movement

    Remembering an unsung Dalit Hero of the Ghadar Movement GURPREET SINGH RADIO INDIA - THE PROVINCE - January 16, 2013 As secularist and progressive groups have started celebrating the Ghadar Party centenary this year, those organizing the events need to highlight the role played by many unsung...
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    Ghadar Party Martyrs Memorial (Photo Archive)

    Forwarded for posting by respected forum mentor Gyani Jarnail Singh "Arshi" 100 percent of the martyrs depicted at this sitewere hanged, died in battle, or in custody. This is a very interesting site, and the Photo Gallery is impressive. There are about 120 portraits of martyrs, and every...
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    Sikh-Americans Demand Historic Ghadar Site Be Opened To Public

    Sikh-Americans Demand Historic Ghadar Site Be Opened To Public by JASKI SINGH Not many people know there's an important piece of Sikh and India's revolutionary history in the middle of San Francisco (California, U.S.A.). At 5 Wood Street stands Ghadar Memorial Hall, a modest...