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ganda singh

  1. dalsingh1zero1

    Heritage The Making Of Sikh History - Literally. A Translation

    The making of Sikh history – literally. I’d like to humbly submit the text below for my brothers and sisters consideration. I hope you enjoy reading it, and receive as much food for thought from it as I did during the translation. Especial thanks to Kam1825 for taking the time to...
  2. Akashdeep Singh

    Banda Singh Bahadar - Bandai Or Tat Khalsa?

    Banda Singh Bahadar – Bandai or Tat Khalsa? Author: Prof. Inder Singh Ghagga (Translated from Punjabi by Akashdeep Singh Aulakh) Baba Banda Sigh Bahadar - The first king- knight of the Khalsa Kingdom and the great General of Sikh army shook the very base of the...
  3. Akashdeep Singh

    The Truth About The Indian Mutiny Of 1857

    Khalsa ji, I have grown up reading brainwashing stories about the revolt of 1857 and its heroes in my history books. This excellent research by Dr. Ganda Singh ji has made clear how much brainwashing, fact distortion and propanda is being fed through the text books into our brains in India...
  4. Akashdeep Singh

    Did Sikhs Betray In 1857?

    Did Sikhs Betray in 1857? Was this uprising the first war of independence? Prof. Inder Singh Ghagga (Translated from Punjabi by Akashdeep Singh Aulakh) Whenever a discussion regarding the independence of India has begun the newspapers, the communication mediums and...