1. findingmyway

    UK 'Cash For Crash' Fraudsters Sentenced To In Jail After Deadly Accident

    The family of the victim of the first ever recorded fatal 'cash-for-crash' accident said they will never recover after four men were jailed over the attempted insurance scam. Baljinder Kaur Gill, 34, died when her Ford Fiesta, was hit again by a van "in an explosion of metal, glass and...
  2. R

    India Fraudsters Use Nail Cutters, Screwdrivers To Withdraw Money From ATMs

    KOLKATA: Beware if the ATM screen goes blank after you swipe your card. It could be a mischief by fraudsters to withdraw cash from your account after you leave the ATM in a huff. A bit of adhesive and a screwdriver are all that’s needed to outwit hi-tech safety gadgets...