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    Sikh News Fox 2000 Bags Rights For 'The Jury' (ANI Via Yahoo! India News)

    Washington, Oct 3 (ANI): Fox 2000 has acquired rights to remake Granada-produced British miniseries ''The Jury,'' which revolves around the trial of a young Sikh student charged with killing a classmate tormenter. The seven-figure deal includes rights and scripting fees, with Marc Forster...
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    Sikh News Sikh Textbook Controversy (FOX 40 Sacramento)

    SACRAMENTO — The state Board of Education declined to act Thursday on new complaints from the Sikh community about a seventh-grade textbook the Sikhs say is offensive. More...
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    Sikh News Sikh NYC Subway Workers Allege Discrimination (Fox News)

    Employees file complaint over requirement that they wear MTA logos on their turbans at work. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11mgkap6i/*http%3A//www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,162703,00.html