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  1. K

    Sikh News Flowing Beards , Turbans Back In Vogue

    Flowing beards , turbans back in vogue This article appeared in today's (Feb 01) Times Of Indian Chandigarh Edition on Page 2 (Sadly its not available on the Net) Rohit Mullick/TNN Chandigarh: The political days of long beards, longer names and sporting beards are back in Punjab...
  2. Admin

    A Sikh Without His Flowing Hair And Turban

    Seems like people are really insecure about themselves! http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp...28F%29&sid= 1 "A young Sikh boy gets his hair cut at the local barber in a village near Beas" One is often told that a Sikh without his flowing hair and turban is like a king without a...