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  1. G

    Twin Flame Concept In Sikhism

    Wjjk Wjkf! I have read lots about "The Twin Flame" concept and understand what it means and how it works. In brief, Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways...
  2. spnadmin

    The Moth And The Flame - May I Be A Sacrifice Unto This Guru Arjan !

    The Moth and the Flame T. Sher Singh http://www.huffingtonpost.com/t-sher-singh/the-moth-the-flame_b_3426845.html On Sunday, June 16, Sikhdom celebrates the extraordinary man who gave Sikhism two of its greatest gifts: its Scripture, known as the Guru Granth, and its famous shrine, the...
  3. namjiwankaur

    Sufism From The Triple Flame

    Sat Nam _/|\_ I have been reading The Triple Flame by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. I guess because I'm interacting so much with Sikhs and learning about Sikhi, I suddenly see how Bawa ji says many things the same way a Sikh would. In the books, they usually refer to these as "Tamil" terms, but they...
  4. Astroboy

    Soul Mates And Twin Flame Concept

    Soul Mates and Twin Flames Birds of a feather or feathers off the same bird? We've been receiving many questions of late concerning the subject of soul mates. It seems many are out to find their "ideal" partner in life. So what's it all about...