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    Legal Tax Only When Interest Credited To Fixed Deposits: CBDT

    NEW DELHI: No income tax at source will be deducted if banks have only made a provision for interest on fixed deposits and not actually paid it to the depositor, the Finance Ministry has clarified. Until now, tax was supposed to be deducted by banks even if...
  2. K

    Pratap Singh Bagga, The Founder Of Simco Hair Fixers

    Hair’s how they fixed it What does a man’s beard have to do with the downturn? Everything, if you run Simla Chemicals (Simco), a company known globally for the hair fixers it manufactures. Simco’s history began before Independence with Sardar Pratap Singh Bagga, a sturdy Sikh with a long...
  3. S

    Sikh News There Will Be Fixed Tenure For Senior Cops: Punjab DGP (The Hindu)

    Jalandhar: There will be fixed tenure for the DGP, SSPs and SHOs in Punjab Police, state Director General of Police N.P.S. Aulakh said on Saturday. “The new Police Act will be implemented very soon with the recommendation of ... More...