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  1. LittlePrem

    Judaism More Battles In Israel's Beit Shemesh: An Update On The 'Feminists Of Zion'

    More Battles in Israel's Beit Shemesh: An Update on the 'Feminists of Zion BY ALLISON KAPLAN SOMMER AND DAHLIA LITHWICK http://www.newrepublic.com/article/114187/beit-shemesh-bus-segregation-incident-latest-feminist-fight Beit Shemesh never sleeps. After we filed the final revisions to...
  2. spnadmin

    SAFAR Sikh Feminists To Hold Historic Toronto Meet

    Moderators, do not remove contact information. Thanks. by Sunil Rao Tired of their "less than equal" status, Sikh women are gathering in Toronto this weekend to hold the first ever Sikh Feminist Conference. The event, titled Safar (or Our Journeys), is being held Saturday, Oct 1, 8am-6.30pm...