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  1. Inderjeet Kaur

    Is Fasting For Social Or Political Purposes Allowed In Sikhi?

    We all know that Sikhs are forbidden fast for religious reasons, at least I hope we all know that. My question is whether fasting is permissible when it is used to achieve a social or political end, to convince human beings without reference to the Divine, as in the case in the article below...
  2. Tejwant Singh

    Fasting: Penance, Blessing, Hypocrisy Or Me-ism?

    Fasting: Penance, Blessing, Hypocrisy or Me-ism. Fasting is very common among many religions except in Sikhi. Guru Nanak talks about it in the second Pauri of Jap where he criticises these kinds of nonsensical, mindless and useless rituals which bring to naught. For Guru Nanak, it is all...
  3. Admin

    Why Do Many Faiths Recommend Self-denial Such As Fasting Or Shunning Luxuries?

    Why do so many faiths recommend self-denial such as fasting or shunning luxuries? By Ajit Singh Sahota, Citizen SpecialMarch 13, 2010 The Sikh faith teaches temperance and moderation, and so neither fasting nor feasting are encouraged. If the goal of fasting and avoidance of luxuries is...
  4. Archived_Member16

    What Is The Value Of Fasting ?

    Q50. What is the value of fasting? Source: "Introduction to Sikhism" Author: Gobind Singh Mansukhani Fasting is good for health but has no religious merit. Some sects of the Hindus hold very strong views on fasting. For them, fasting has some real value and has to be strictly followed...
  5. A

    Fasting Is Not For Khalsas

    Dear Khalsa Ji, The English word ‘Fasting’ means not eating or not drinking or both. This word indicates what many people in India do when they say they are having Upavaas - they do not eat; they do not drink. What my learning has taught me is different from what is actually the...