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  1. Admin

    Khalsa Aid [Khalsa-Aid Update] Horn Of Africa Famine Relief Appeal

    Please Donate to Support Khalsa Aid: http://www.khalsaaid.org/donate.html Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya have been struck devastatingly hard as the drought in these already famine stricken countries has reached catastrophic levels. Millions of people – mostly children - have seen the mighty hand...
  2. findingmyway

    World UNHCR In Somalia 'Human Tragedy' Warning

    UNHCR in Somalia 'human tragedy' warning Many young children are in such a weak condition it is difficult to save their lives The levels of malnutrition among children fleeing Somalia's drought could lead...
  3. K

    Independence & The Bengal Famine

    Independence & the Bengal famine The Economic Times, Aug 20, 2003 This year marks not only the 56th anniversary of Independence but also the 60th anniversary of the Bengal Famine, in which 2.1 million people died. In 1943 the Raj ignored the drought in Bengal, claiming preoccupation with...
  4. D

    Sudan Famine!

    We should thank God for everything we have in our lives and give to people who are not so fortunate like us.