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  1. Archived_Member16

    India We Need To Keep Adversaries Of Sikhs Away From The Faithful: Sukhbir Badal

    We need to keep adversaries of Sikhs away from the faithful: Sukhbir Badal By Rohan Dua, TNN - Jan 31, 2013, 06.46 AM IST CHANDIGARH: On a chilly morning of January 15, there was an impromptu invoking of SAD patriarch and Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal's 16 jail visits...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Christianity Gotta Pay To Pray: Germany’s Catholic Bishops Call On Faithful To Hand Over Tax

    Gotta pay to pray: Germany’s Catholic bishops call on faithful to hand over tax By Juergen Baetz, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - September 28, 2012 A woman sits Thursday on a bench in the Catholic cathedral of Frankfurt, Germany. The country’s 24 million Catholics have been told that, if they...
  3. S

    Understanding JapJi Sahib Pauri 12, 13 & 14

    In Pauries 8-11 Guru Ji describes the rewards of Listening God’s Name. Now Guru Ji is telling us about the person who obeys the Lord. In Pauri 12 Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sache Patshah is describing how indescribable is the condition of such a person. In later three pauries, Guru Ji describes...
  4. Admin

    Sikh News Sikh Faithful Mark Holy Event (The Sacramento Union)

    Sikh Faithful mark Holy Event (The Sacramento Union) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11msg57nm/*http%3A//sacunion.com/pages/california/articles/6746 Array Sun, 06 Nov 2005 04:06:18 GMT YUBA CITY, Calif.—More than 60,000 members of the Sikh faith from across California...
  5. N

    Atheism Turning To Friends In Faithful Places: Why Non-theists Must Befriend Likeminded Minority Religious G

    Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click here to download a free copy. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/Christianity/SIG=12bskc8ft/*http%3A//www.onlinejournal.com/Theocracy_Alert/061405Nall/061405nall.html
  6. S

    Mac Faithful Rush To Buy Tiger (NewsFactor)

    NewsFactor - Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has released the much-hyped new version of its operating system, dubbed "Tiger." Traffic at Apple stores is reportedly high as the faithful are rushing in to buy the latest and greatest in Macintosh functionality...
  7. N

    Sikh News Faithful Of Many Religions Honor Pope (CNN.com)

    MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Gazing at oversize TV screens, thousands of Filipinos watched Pope John Paul II's funeral Friday from the seaside park where he oversaw the largest audience of his 26-year papacy...
  8. S

    Pope Edges Near Death As Faithful Pray And Wait (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - VATICAN CITY, April 1 -- Pope John Paul II struggled on the edge of death Friday, his breathing shallow and his kidneys and circulation failing as millions of Roman Catholics around the world left their homes and workplaces to light candles and pray for him...
  9. S

    Sikh News Nakodar's Maldi Sahib Inspires Divinity Among The Faithful:

    ... Mal, is also known for its spiritual wealth, the visit and blessing of a Sikh Guru ... service to humanity that they too have adopted is a picture of Sikhism in its ... http://www.newkerala.com/news-daily/news/features.php?action=fullnews&id=68528
  10. S

    Sikh News [Google] Nakodar's Maldi Sahib Inspires Divinity Among The Faithful:-

    Webindia123, India - Feb 4, 2005... Mal, is also known for its spiritual wealth, the visit and blessing of a Sikh Guru ... service to humanity that they too have adopted is a picture of Sikhism in its ... http://www.webindia123.com/news/showdetails.asp?id=64716&n_date=20050204&cat=India
  11. N

    Sikh News Nakodar's Maldi Sahib Inspires Divinity Among The Faithful

    http://www.newkerala.com/news-daily/news/features.php?action=fullnews&id=68528 Nakodar's Maldi Sahib inspires divinity among the faithful: New Kerala, India - 12 hours ago ... At the centre of it all, Gurudwara Maldi Sahib, named after a cobbler, Baba Mal, is also known for its spiritual...