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    A Shabad By Guru Amar Das Ji To Inspire Us To Seek, To Explore, To Push The Boundaries Of Faith, Tru

    Such A Wondrous Shabad by Guru Ji, so many jewels that one can contemplate on. If this Shabad doesn't inspire and get a person to seek the truth, i don't know what would :) I have highlighted many things in the shabad that stick out for me...things i enjoy seeking through my Simran, things i...
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    Resurrection Explore Meaning

    I had a dread last night giving a lecture on this topic. Perhaps I will prepare one, God willing. What do you think is the meaning of resurrection of the body? Most people think it means after a body dies, life comes back into it. It is hard to find the exact infinite point that defines...
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    School's Out(side) To Explore How Buddhism Relates To Nature, Conservation And Sustainable Developme

    The course only lasted a week but this is a school with ample resources for year-round classes. Sometimes the day's activities took place in a watershed forest, sometimes on the ridge of a steep limestone cliff, sometimes in a remote hilltop village...
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    School Board Member Randy Tomasacci Wants To Explore Including "intelligent Design" In The Science C

    Two words during a February Northwest Area school board meeting have grabbed the ear of a national civil rights organization. Those words - "intelligent design" - prompted a letter from the Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Office of the Anti-Defamation League...
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    Sikh News Youngsters Explore Several Faiths

    Youngsters explore several faiths FIFTY young people of Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish faiths were invited to a special religious event last week. The youth day was organised by the Waltham Forest Faith Communities group and aimed to educate young people about the five main faiths...