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  1. spnadmin

    Judaism When Pharaoh Falls: Six Lessons From The Exodus For Egypt Today

    Bruce Feiler Bestselling author of Walking the Bible, America's Prophet, and The Council of Dads. As the crisis in Egypt reached its climax this week, commentators struggled to find historical parallels, from the fall of the Berlin Wall, to Tiananmen Square, to the revolution in Iran...
  2. K

    Punjab Youths' Exodus From Home

    CNN IBN has made a documentry about the craze of going abroad in Punjab 30 Minutes: Punjab youths' exodus from home For young men in Punjab, nothing is as appealing than an opportunity go to a developed country. For many, going abroad means an opportunity to earn more money and live a...
  3. N

    A Modern Exodus (Crosswalk.com)

    "Americans are vacating progressive pews and flocking to churches that offer more traditional versions of Christianity." That's the assessment of journalist Dave Shiflett, and he makes his case in a new book, "Exodus: Why Americans are Fleeing Liberal Churches for Conservative Christianity."...