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  1. A

    How Do You Know God Exists? Does SGGS Prove God Exists?

    If god doesn't exist then you must concede that praying is pointless. Why try and communicate with a being that doesn't exist? If you do meditate on God's name, then you are making a huge time investment into something, and if it turns out there is no god then you've probably wasted alot of...
  2. Archived_Member16

    India Modern Day Sex-slave Trade Still Exists In India

    July 25, 2011 Modern day sex-slave trade still exists in India A New-Delhi-based organization is offering safe havens for girls who would otherwise have nowhere to turn By Craig Kielburger & Marc Kielburger, Special To The Sun - July 25, 2011 When Naina and Jyothi were born in the...
  3. Archived_Member16

    UK Caste Discrimination Exists In UK, Says Govt Report

    Caste Discrimination Exists in UK, says Govt Report PTI, Dec 16, 2010, 09.18pm IST LONDON: Caste-based discrimination exists across Britain, a new research commissioned by UK government has found, prompting further calls to outlaw the malpractice that blights the lives of many people with...
  4. Seeker9

    Christianity What Real Historical/archeological Evidence Exists To Support Christian Doctrine?

    My Dear fellow SPN'ers Sat Sri Akal The Garden of Eden, The parting of the Red Sea, The miracles of Jesus....I could go on for a while as the Bible is a rich source of such material But other than what was written down within the scriptures themselves, what secondary evidence exists to support...
  5. K

    Leisure Yeti Exists: TV Host

    AN AMERICAN TV host who traveled to the Himalayas to film a show on the mysterious yeti said on Sunday that he took castings from three footprints that could prove the legendary giant ape exists and is living on Mount Everest. Josh Gates, the host of Sci Fi's 'Destination Truth' show, said he...