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  1. R

    Hinduism We Should Not Try To Divide People In Religion, Ethnicity, Financial Status, Profession And Interest

    We should not try to divide the people in religion, ethnicity, financial status, profession and interest ---- Swami Sumedhanand (Chambe Wale) Phagwara, February 20, 2012: (Rajneesh Madhok) Today in the premises of Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Phagwara on the occasion of Shivratri...
  2. findingmyway

    Ethnicity Vs Religion

    The census is currently taking place in the UK and this has got me thinking about ethnicity vs religion. In the last US census Sikhs were encouraged to put Sikh down as their ethnicity rather than religion. Although I can understand the reasoning behind this argument I'm not sure I can agree...
  3. K

    Ethnicity, Religion, Military Performance And Political Reliability — British Recruitment Policy An

    http://www.defencejournal.com/2000/dec/ethnicity.htm Ethnicity, Religion, Military Performance and Political Reliability — British Recruitment Policy and The Indian Army — 1757-1947 Maj (Retd) AGHA HUMAYUN AMIN from WASHINGTON DC writes about British recruitment policy in the...
  4. N

    Caste, Race, Ethnicity And Sikhism

    Some Sikhs claim that they do not believe in caste but in the same breath they claims to be a true Sikh of the Khalsa and also believe in racial differences amongst Sikhs ? What are your views on... 1) Can you differentiate between caste , race, ethnicity etc in the context of Sikhism? 2) Is...