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    Punjab Entrepreneur Sets Up 10-storey Building In Mohali In 48 Hours

    MOHALI (Punjab): It was a promise delivered floor by floor. In just 48 hours, an entrepreneur has constructed a 10-storey building in this suburban town in Punjab. The red and grey facade building, Instacon, stood tall on an industrial plot in Mohali, 10 km from Chandigarh, Saturday, two days...
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    Arts/Society With Only Rs 15,000, She Became An Entrepreneur

    With only Rs 15,000, she became an entrepreneur Next Shobha Warrier in Chennai At 17, when most girls of her age were set to go to college for higher studies, she got married. But Sarala Bastian did not wish to just be confined to her house. She wanted to do...
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    Gurus Guru Nanak - A Successfull Entrepreneur

    first of all i dont mean to hurt anybody's feelings,but because in discussion everyone has right to present his thesis.so i am expressing my point of view right now i am working on documentry on sikhs of new york(even though i am not very experienced documentry maker)but i know all the technical...