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  1. spnadmin

    Is It Important That Children Come To Embrace The Faith Of Their Fathers? Or Should They Be Encourag

    Rabbi REUVEN BULKA is head of Congregation Machzikei Hadas in Ottawa and host of Sunday night with Rabbi Bulka on 580 CFRA. Yes. And yes. But before we exp lore this, did you purposely leave out mothers? I hope not. There are many children in one-parent families, wherein that one parent is...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Should Organ Donation Be Encouraged !

    http://www.uktransplant.org.uk/ukt/how_to_become_a_donor/how_to_become_a_donor.jsp Sikhism and organ donation A guide to organ donation and Sikhist beliefs Organ donation Organ donation is the gift of an organ to help someone else who needs a transplant. Hundreds of people's lives are saved...