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    Opinion The Human Element: Religious Tolerance The Only Path To Peace

    Human element: ‘Religious tolerance only path to peace’ http://tribune.com.pk/story/665044/human-element-religious-tolerance-only-path-to-peace/ PESHAWAR: “The prevalent hatred in our society can only be overcome by understanding Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism,” said...
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    The God Element

    Why does the god element get incorporated into the message.Is it a way to get people to surrender and conform to the teachings?Because if not they won't be saved from harm and unpleasantness? "The goal of human life is to break the cycle of birth's and deaths and merge with God."..How do the...
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    The Punjabi Element (Sikhs R US Blog)

    The Punjab Element - Immigration of Farmers, Soldiers and Entrepreneurs I say to my fellow Punjabis, let us complete the whole alphabet - America-Australia (A), Brazil(B), Canada-Chile-China (C), Denmark (D), Ethopia (E), France (F), Italy & India (I), .....and so on. Make Punjab, Punjabiat...