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  1. Ishna

    Egotism And Egoism. Does Gurbani Or Punjabi Differentiate?

    (As of 1/10/11) 8 years and 3 days ago a fellow by the handle of 'Mickwick' posted to a Usenet forum the following example of the difference between Egotism and Egoism: (Source) Does Gurbani or Punjabi language differentiate between these two ideas? Does the Sikh concept of 'ahankar'...
  2. S

    Antidote To Egoism

    Antidote to Egoism The only antidote to egoism is accepting God’s Will. In Sikhism, we consider ego the worst enemy, because, it is the biggest hurdle on the path of Self Realization. It is that Rog that has to be checked all the way along. Submitting to God’s will is the only solution to...