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  1. R

    S Asia Afghanistan Bleeding: 18-yr-old's Nose, Ears Cut Off For Fleeing Abusive Husband

    KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: She cannot read or write and had never heard of Time magazine until a visitor brought her a copy of this week’s issue, the one with the cover picture of her face, the face with no nose. On Wednesday, the young woman, Bibi Aisha, left Kabul for a long-planned trip to...
  2. U

    Are Sikhs Allowed To Pierce Their Ears?

    i wanted to know the answer for this question for a while. i have seen women with their ear pierced but that is not what i want to know. i am wondering if Sikh boys or men allowed to get it done.
  3. K

    To See Without Eyes To Hear Without Ears

    Read a Random Shabad This Shabad is by Guru Angad Dev Ji in Raag Maajh on Pannaa 139 sloku mÚ 2 ] salok ma 2 || Salok, Second Mehla: AKI bwJhu vyKxw ivxu kMnw sunxw ] akhee baajhahu vaekhanaa vin...