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  1. AdsKhalsa

    Sikh News Queen Asked Ranjit Singh's Wife To End Sikh Dynasty: Book

    LONDON: Queen Victoria instructed the wife of the grandson of Maharaja Ranjit Singh not to have children in a bid to maintain the hold of the British Raj over the Sikh kingdom in Punjab, a new book has claimed. Queen Victoria instructed Lady Anne Alice Blanche, the aristocratic English wife of...
  2. S

    Is The Gandhi Dynasty Back

    Sat Sri Akal I wish to humbly pose a question to my fellow sikhs and friends alike on this forum. The ruling congress party in India is a Gandhi led party. The CV of Congress boasts of a large scale holocaust in 1984. Sonia Gandhi seems like minded, but the entry of Indira Gandhi's...
  3. V

    Views On Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty From Bajrang Dal

    Gurfateh! Das got this from hinduunity.org have a look.