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  1. Harry Haller

    The 8 Steps To Dying In Sikhism

    Step 1 Embracing the lies At step 1, you take in current popular thinking of Sikhi, the caste system, the different stereotypes of the caste system, you make judgements and observations based on this system, you allow yourself to have a Abrahamic and Vedic view of Sikhism, you are heavy on...
  2. Scarlet Pimpernel

    The Only Living Master Of Dying Martial Arts

    A former factory worker from the British Midlands may be the last living master of the centuries-old Sikh battlefield art of shastar vidya. The father of four is now engaged in a full-time search for a successor. The basis of shastar vidya, the "science of weapons" is a five-step...
  3. spnadmin

    Helping Children Spiritually Cope With Dying And Death

    Kenneth J. Doka, M.Div., Ph.D. Senior Consultant, Hospice Foundation of America As children encounter illness, loss and grief -- whether their own or someone close to them -- they seek to understand those events and to make sense of their experiences. This inevitably is a spiritual...
  4. Admin

    Opinion A Final Cocoon: Dying At Home

    A Final Cocoon: Dying At Home by JOYCE WADLER There is some confusion about the cause of the liver disease that has given Fred Kress a short time to live. The 46-year-old handyman and house painter, who lives outside of Baltimore, had had hepatitis C, which causes liver damage...
  5. Archived_Member16

    Controversial Couples In India Dying In 'honour Killings'

    Couples in India dying in 'honour killings' August 02, 2010 Rick Westhead - Toronto Star Rajni, 19, and Sanjeev, 24, are under police protection. Rajni's family has threatened to kill them both if they marry out of class. RICK WESTHEAD/TORONTO STAR BAHAN, INDIA—Nineteen-year-old Rajni...
  6. spnadmin

    Hinduism ‘As I Sang Khwaja Moinuddin, I Could Hear The Voices Of The Dying In Gujarat’ (Tehelka)

    CULTURE & SOCIETY personal histories ‘As I sang Khwaja Moinuddin, I could hear the voices of the dying in Gujarat’ Sumathi Murthy is a hindustani classical musician and composer. Is in her mid-30s. Lives in Bangalore. Is also active in the queer rights movement I think I was six or...
  7. H

    Canada Punjab: A DYING CIVILISATION?

    The repeat of devastation of Sindhu Valley Civilization By Umendra Dutt About two years ago my friend the famous singer Rabbi Shergill in one of his Punjabi article says “There is no doubt that it was just because of a major environmental change that the great civilization of Indus valley had...
  8. R

    Dying To Give Birth, Quite Literally

    Dying to give birth, quite literally Dying to give birth, quite literally - dnaindia.com In this age of cynicism, what figures of deaths - caused by nature, accidents, war and ourselves - would prove enough to jolt us out of our boredom? Fifty thousand? Hundred thousand? <!-- lhs-col -->...
  9. BhagatSingh

    How To Prevent Your Husband From Dying

    Quick and easy way to keep your husband from dieing. It works like magic! :) YouTube - Indian advertising at its best
  10. S

    Dying To The Shabad

    Tulsee Das was a Saint. When he was young he was devoted to reaching God and he struggled slowly on this path. When he got married he was head over heels in love with his beautiful wife, she became the sole reason for his living, everything he did was to please her. One day he surprised her with...