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  1. A

    Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review - Couple Of Old Movies I Saw On Dvd

    Memoirs of a geisha ( 2005 )--- The setting is Japan , where Geishas have their own place in society . Narration of the film is done in the wonderfully old voice of a Geisha who has been through the ups and downs of life . And as is typical in the life stories of fallen women ( and a...
  2. R

    Sikh News Pirated DVD's Media

    Apologies for repeating this, but it's important. Pirated copies of the animation have surfaced in the market. Please buy original and support future projects. New Animation on Sikh History is already in works and is highly dependent on Sundri - The Brave Kaur DVD sales. Join Facebook page...
  3. R

    Sikh News Sundri - The Brave Kaur DVD Released

    Sundri - The Brave Kaur Amination is being released this week. Please buy original to support future projects. Sundri: the biggest movie ever about Sikh Women SUNDRI - The Brave Kaur | Facebook YouTube - Sundri the Movie
  4. spnadmin

    Learn Punjabi Sunny Learns Gurmukhi - New DVD's From Sikhlink

    Forum Members I thought this was interesting and wanted to let you know that you can pre-order these DVD's for your children or for yourself. They look like fun. Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh SikhLink.net proudly announces the release of the long-awaited DVD - SUNNY...
  5. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Sikh News The Movie Amu Released On DVD

    The movie Amu has been released on DVD. For more information or to purchase go to: || amu || (Moderators, I tried to find Amu on your search, but the name is too short.)
  6. S

    Norway's 'DVD Jon' Breaks Through Apple's ITunes: Report (AFP)

    AFP - A young Norwegian who drew the ire of the Hollywood movie industry by breaking the encryption code for DVDs has now devised a computer program to circumvent Apple's antipiracy system for its iTunes music download service, Norwegian media reported...