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  1. Admin

    Raag Durga

    Raag Durga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEF5mpi1PIg
  2. stupidjassi

    Pic Shows Guru Gobind Singh Worshipping Durga

    I came to found this when i was looking for guru` ji`s photo on google They have put Guru Gobind singh ji`s photo worshiping Durga Please click on this link below to see Google Image Result for http://www.exoticindiaart.com/artimages/wc81.jpg Otherwise i also Put the image of what i did saw (...
  3. M

    Hinduism Story Of Durga?

    Ok i heard this story that once durga is hiding away from some 2 demons & gone to some mountains.Where Guru Tegh bahadur ji was on samdhi & he assures durga that nothing happen to her in his custody, then demons came Guru ji sitting on loin Skin.He standup from it put tht khal in hand te ohnu...