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    Karmee Aavai Kaprhaa Nadree Mokh Du-aar

    This line in Japji Sahib implies that it is by works we obtain human life. Yet it is by Grace we achieve liberation. This seems to be a contradiction to me, can anyone help me understand? I don't know Gurmukhi very well, but I have the Harbans Singh translation. Is there a better translation...
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    The Tenth Gate, The Dasam Dwaar

    Has anybody experienced the opening of the Dasam Dwaar? What happens when it opens? Can you relate your experiences or it is all hush hush lest you incur Guru's wrath? Can the Dasam Dwaar open without the opening of the other chakra's through His Grace?
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    What Is Dasam Duaar?

    How would explain this phenomenon ? Please discuss.