1. Harry Haller

    Are Strength, Dominance, Decisiveness, Protectiveness Masculine Qualities?

    Gurfatehji In another post, the qualities above were described as masculine qualities, although not sexist, I feel this statement nonetheless implies that gentleness, subservience, are feminine qualities, I have to say, till I thought about it quite hard, I would have agreed with this, however...
  2. Admin

    Reflections On The United States: Interrogating Dominance

    Reflections on the United States: Interrogating Dominance by Richard Shapiro How do we think the unthinkable? How do we continue to think in a world that produces horror, catastrophe, deprivation and socially unnecessary death as a regular consequence of its normal functioning? How do we...
  3. jasbirkaleka

    Dominance Of Rituals In Sikh Religion

    Sat Sri Akal. Resently some family members went to Gurdwara Goindwal Sahib.They recited JAPGI SAHIB 84 times,once on each of the 84 steps of the sarover and took ishnaan after every recital.Is this the religion GURU NANAK proprgated...
  4. S

    Sikh News Punjab’s Dominance In Army Being Reduced: ISPR (Dawn)

    ISLAMABAD, Sept 13: A planned effort is being made to revise the composition of the Pakistan Army by reducing the dominance of Punjab to a considerable level over a period of four years. More...