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  1. V

    Any One Wants To Be Amritdhari Free Of Dogmas

    Gurfateh On Conversion due to High spirit,we say that we are salvaged or have the Amrit so will never die.Term Pahil is from Paye Lagana of for coming to the feet. So Amrit can be used for Pahi Lagana as going to the feet of Guru is salvations. When tow member of the forum Asked Das about...
  2. Tejwant Singh

    Dogmas Versus The Science Of Guru Nanak

    It is amazing to see the strife amongst Sikh brethren, between the oldschoolers, who take Sikhi as one more belief system based on some dogmas which can not be questioned because questioning gives Sikhi a scientific approach. Then there are others who want to question and find answers besides...