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    Jill Windschitl Teaches English, Bible In Taiwan (Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch)

    Last year, Jill Windschitl showed her students in Taiwan an amazing new skill. She made muffins for them. Windschitl, home on summer break, spoke about her Asian adventures on Sunday morning, after services at St. John's Lutheran Church in Sleepy Eye...
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    TV (Daily Dispatch)

    sabc 1 0500: Aum - Hindu devotion Yo.TV 0502: Land 0530: Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse 0600: My Monday 0630: Wildroom 0700: My Dad The Rock Star 0730: Blue Couch 0800: Take 5 0830: Bold & Beautiful 0900: Generations 0930: Isidingo: The Need 1000...