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  1. Ishna

    How To Build Self Discipline (pickthebrain)

    How to Build Self-Discipline Posted on July 29, 2008 by Peter Clemens | CATEGORIES: self improvement Discipline is freedom. You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of...
  2. R

    Legal Corporal Punishment May Not Be Used To Discipline Chlldren

    Corporal punishment cannot be practiced in the name of disciplining child: Shantha Sinha National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) Chairperson Prof. Shantha Sinha has stressed the need to eliminate all forms of corporal punishment practiced in the name of...
  3. spnadmin

    Christianity The Compelling Spiritual Discipline Of Asceticism

    Norris J. Chumley, Ph.D. Exec. Producer/Director/Co-Author, "Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer" movie and book Written with V. Rev. John A. McGuckin, Ph.D. In ancient times, as early as the late second and early centuries of the Common Era in Egypt and Syria, more than a few people...
  4. Admin

    Time Outs To Discipline Your Child!

    Are you facing problems with your child behavior? Time-outs are used to decrease undesirable child behavior. So, what is exactly a time-out? Time-out means time out from any rewarding or fun experiences. Time-out! Select the place for time-out. The time-out area should be easily accessible...
  5. Admin

    How To Incorporate Effective Toddler Discipline Without Spanking?

    There are ups and downs in parenting and there are chances of making plenty of mistakes along the way. One of the major challenge for you is the toddler discipline, how and when to do it. Toddlers need discipline as it teaches responsibility, acceptable behavior and self control...
  6. S

    Is Sikhi Suited To Modern Society

    SCANNED pl. refer the link for a write up. http://www.gurmat.info/sms/smspublications/introductiontosikhism2/chapter1.html#Is%20Sikhism%20suited%20to%20the%20conditions%20of%20modern%20society?