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  1. Archived_Member16

    Canada Disabled Pickering Boy, Mugged And Bullied, Takes His Own Life

    Disabled Pickering boy took his own life after he was mugged and bullied September 26, 2011 Brendan Kennedy - The Star, Toronto By his 11th birthday, Mitchell Wilson had already endured a lifetime of pain. He was 8 when his mother died of cancer three years ago. The next...
  2. R

    Legal Pay Equal Relief To Disabled, Normal Victims In Accident: Court

    New Delhi, July 18 (IANS) A disabled person cannot be granted less compensation than a physically fit person for injuries suffered in a road accident, the Delhi High Court has held. The court said this while setting aside a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) order which granted less...
  3. A

    General Disabled People & Reht Maryada

    Dear Everyone, So I was reading the vegetarianism forum here, and there was a mention of the Reht (or Rehat) Maryada. I started reading it and as it described the Amrit (baptism) I came across this paragraph (copied directly from this page: Sikh Reht Maryada, The Definition of Sikh, Sikh...
  4. A

    Sikh Rehat Marayada And The Treatment Of Disabled Persons

    At Least For Decency Mohan Singh (Virick) Tue Aug 28, 2001 Roger is a Canadian veteran of the Vietnam War. His youthful life has been bumpy and irresponsible. Having inherited the genes of diabetes and heart disease, he has aged more than the years he has lived. Bouts of alcohol abuse in his...