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  1. Ishna

    Egotism And Egoism. Does Gurbani Or Punjabi Differentiate?

    (As of 1/10/11) 8 years and 3 days ago a fellow by the handle of 'Mickwick' posted to a Usenet forum the following example of the difference between Egotism and Egoism: (Source) Does Gurbani or Punjabi language differentiate between these two ideas? Does the Sikh concept of 'ahankar'...
  2. D

    How Would U Differentiate Religion From Constitution?

    In the reply to one of the threads I have mentioned the similarity between Religion and Constitution. Before the origin of any religion of any known religions there were kingdoms,tribes,civilizations , which were all abided by one or the other code of conduct commonly known as LAW . now with...