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  1. spnadmin

    Canada Canadian MP Sukh Dhaliwal Appeals To Sikhs To Help Survivors Of 1984 Sikh Genocide

    NEW DELHI: Canadian MP Sukh Dhaliwal, who sponsored Sikh Genocide Petition before Canadian Parliament appealed to the Sikh community to come forward help the widows of November 1984. Distressed at the plight of widows of November 1984, MP Dhaliwal lamented that not only that justice has been...
  2. H

    Fall Of King Badal And Rise Of New Kings Like U Dosanjh,Malhi, Dhaliwal,Grewal,Dalla

    Dear Brothers/Sister SSAKAL I was ruminating and I thought I had share it with you all. I tend to consider todays politicians as contemporary kings as they wield the destiny of their people. I was just rembering in summer of 1978 I was in prep at DAV school Jalandhar. The chief...
  3. N

    Sardar Baghel Singh Dhaliwal

    Sardar Baghel Singh Dhaliwal was leader of Karora Singhia misl. He ruled between Delhi and Hoshairpur. He subdued Mughal King, Shah Alam II and constructed seven historical Gurudwaras in Delhi. Between 1765-1781, the Sikhs conquered Delhi 15 times. In 1781, Sardar Baghel Singh unfurled...