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  1. K

    Sikh News Granthi Ji Of The Dhaka Gurudwara Wins Hearts In Muslim Bangladesh

    News from the Dhaka Sikh Gurudwara, Bangladesh DHAKA - Practicing what he preaches has won Sikh priest Bhai Piara Singh many admirers in Dhaka, the capital of overwhelming Muslim Bangladesh. Singh came to Bangladesh eight years ago from India to head the main Gurdwara, or Sikh temple, in...
  2. Arvind

    Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora - Pakistani Surrender Of Dhaka

    In the presence of Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, Lieutenant General A.A.K. 'Tiger' Niazi, Commander of the Pakistan Army in the East, signs the Instrument of Surrender . Standing from left is Vice Admiral N. Krishnan, Air Marshal H.C. Dewan, Lieutenant General Sagat Singh and Major...