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    Buddhism Reality, Truth And Developing The Wisdom To Enlightenment

    This discussion is primarily, to prove that what the Buddha enlightened to and taught is unique, not seen and taught by any other religion or philosophy. In the process it should also become clear why there is no place for the concept of God / creator in his teachings. Reality, what is it and...
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    Developing Kindness

    Capitalism made us 'kinder,' study says Helped us evolve into a trusting, fair society Margaret Munro, Canwest News Service Published: Friday, March 19, 2010 The free market has been more than just an economic philosophy, it has helped to drive the evolution of more trusting and...
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    Developing 'Mint Grade' Khalsa: From Birth, For A Lifetime

    Dear Khalsa Ji, With ‘The Sat’ willing, today I share with you my views on ‘Developing Mint Grade Khalsas’ based on my studies and learning in my life. What I know, I will share with you all in many small posts. 1. Introduction: 1.1. Definition: ‘Mint Grade Khalsas’ are those Khalsas...