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    India Paste Tariff Cards Behind Driver’s Seat: Transport Dept To Automen

    Addressing the growing number of complaints against auto rickshaw drivers, the state Transport Department and Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) have decided to make it mandatory for drivers to paste tariff cards behind their seats by the end of this month. Already 2,000 autos have pasted the...
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    Sikh News Punjab Cooperation Dept To Set Up Food Park (Hindustan Times)

    Having decided in principle to constitute an Integrated Market Organisation to produce, process and market high value fruits and vegetables, Punjab Cooperation Department has now launched a major exercise to persuade Centre to set up the first food park in the state. More...
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    Sikh News US Justice Dept Asked To Probe Mosque Burnings

    http://www.arabnews.com/?page=4&section=0&article=56023&d=14&m=12&y=2004 US Justice Dept Asked to Probe Mosque Burnings Arab News, Saudi Arabia - 5 hours ago ... Racist graffiti such as “F*** Arab go home” was left in the vicinity of the Sikh-owned station. (Since the 9/11 terror attacks ...