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  1. spnadmin

    India 14 Members Of Deer Sacha Sauda Acquitted Of Murder Charges

    MUMBAI: Citing lack of evidence, a fast track court has acquitted 14 volunteers of religious sect Dera Sacha Sauda, who were charged with killing a Sikh at a suburban Mall three years ago. The main accused, Jagdev Singh Gurudev Singh, was among those who were acquitted by Sewri Sessions Court...
  2. K

    Nature 350 New Species Found In Himalayas

    Tiny deer among 350 new species found in Himalayas By BINAJ GURUBACHARYA (AP) – Aug 10, 2009 KATMANDU, Nepal — The world's smallest deer, a flying frog and catfish that stick to rocks — as well as more than 350 other species — have been discovered over the past decade in the Himalayas, making...