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  1. BaljinderS

    Arts/Society Birmingham Shop Advert Deemed 'offensive' To Sikhs

    A television advert for a Birmingham furniture shop has been banned because it was "likely to cause serious offence" to the Sikh community. The ad for The Sofa Factory featured a picture of Guru Nanak, the Sikh religion's founder, and a soundtrack in the style of sacred verses. The...
  2. R

    Legal Centre Tells SC It Has Power To De-recognise Deemed Varsities

    NEW DELHI: The Centre on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it was well within its power under UGC rules to de-recognise the 44 deemed universities for allegedly failing to maintain requisite quality education. Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium, appearing before a Bench of...
  3. S

    Anti-BB Gun Project Deemed Too Dangerous (AP)

    AP - Two eighth-graders who spent months working on a science project to prove how dangerous BB guns can be were disqualified from the state middle school science fair. The reason for the dismissal: BB guns are too dangerous...