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  1. P

    Self Daswanth - Give Or Take

    True, .. even if just 10 percent of the Guru ji Bani existed in us - in its true spirit, the world would be so much wondrous .. But the ideal world (the Gurudwara is a perfect example of the true spirit of heaven in a vague sense, to me..) and raw human nature are at conflict with each other...
  2. C

    Dasvand If I Became A Sikh (re: Interfaith Marriage)

    Hi all! I have been reading and studying Sikh philosophy for a little while now. Tomorrow I'll go to gurdwara for the second time. I've been going over the various practices that Sikhs undertake as part of their identity and belief, one of them being dasvand. I understand this to be giving...
  3. H

    Where To Give The 'Daswand'

    A very important question to think and to find the right answer from SGGS jee :- Where one should give ones 'Daswand' or the 10% of your true income for the religious causes as given in SGGS je and than in SRM. Can some of our learned SPNers guide me? Should this hard earned true income be...
  4. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Daswandh. Thinking Out Of The Box

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. As we all know the Three Basic Pillars of Gurmatt are Naam jappo, Kirt Karo and Wand Chhako. Under the Third Pillar WAAND CHHAKO....SHARING of HONEST LABOUR/EARNINGS....comes the DASWANDH injunction..to give Back 10% to Guru Ji. Here are some...