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  1. K

    USA Miss America Crowns 1st Winner Of Indian Descent; Racist Tweets Flow

    (CNN) -- No sooner had the tiara been placed atop her head than a barrage of racist tweets flooded the Internet. "If you're #Miss America you should have to be American," said one. "WHEN WILL A WHITE WOMAN WIN #MISSAMERICA? Ever??!!" screamed another. Nina Davuluri is American. She just...
  2. spnadmin

    India Pride Of Tying Turbans: Crowns For The Commoner

    Folded or twisted like a rope and tied in a myriad ways around the head, with interesting regional and individual variations, the turban worn by the Indian male is much more than a headgear. An unstitched length of cloth, its style of tying concedes details of the wearer — that could...