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    In Brief (Corvallis Gazette Times)

    Summer celebration Suburban Christian Church, 2760 S.W. 53rd St., has moved its 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship service to Starker Arts Park, just north of Country Club Drive on 45th Street. A picnic and games for the entire family will follow. Information: 753-2802...
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    Letters To The Editor (Corvallis Gazette Times)

    Hasso Hering's lead viewpoint ("Did they learn from Hatfield," 6/12/05) begs for a reply and a simple request. In his piece, Mr. Hering states, "he (Hatfield) never acted as though he thought fish counted less than people."...
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    Christianity An Accord About Mary (Corvallis Gazette Times)

    In 1995, Pope John Paul II defined the top issues that would have to be resolved before Christianity could be reunited, including seemingly intractable differences over beliefs about Mary, the mother of Jesus...